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Yorkshire according to our Traders

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire…

The humble Yorkshire pudding has been at the heart of the incredible “God’s County” cuisine for as long as anyone here at Kerfoot HQ can remember.

Many beyond the boundaries of this fine county will tell you “you won’t get owt for nowt” from a Yorkshire man, but in an attempt to dispel myths and stereotypes here you go… the recipe for just how Granny used to make ‘em, packed with goodness. 

250g plain white flour

150ml whole milk [none of that green top muck]

4 free range eggs

2 tbsp sunflower oil [call 01609 766790]

*To be served with bulk loads of gravy & a decent pint of bitter.  Also must be wearing a flat cap, a whippet is optional.*

They’re incredible – & so are we.

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