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PC inside oil bath Filling the case with oil

Cool Your Chips The Kerfoot Way!

As the Systems manager at the Kerfoot Group, I am always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to use the existing equipment that we have. And so when I read an article that combined vegetable oil and computing I was most intrigued.

“Computers? Oil? Crazy!” I hear you cry, well maybe not so….!

The background to this combination of Oil and computers stems from a challenge that has been faced for years with computers, heat dissipation. In order for modern computers to run even faster than their predecessors, new central processing units have been designed by companies such as Intel and IBM, but these in turn require more effective forms of cooling, failure to do so renders them useless.

Over the years the ways in which this has been dealt with have progressed from standard air cooling using a fan which is still the most popular way, to the more sophisticated way of using liquid cooling techniques, such as water and alcohol. These options work well but can be costly depending on the level of complexity that you want to go into, and so I wondered if anyone had ever considered cooling computers with Oil and, amazingly, they had.

The technique involves placing all the computer circuit boards into a plastic tank and topping up with good quality Kerfoot vegetable oil. As the oil has a low conductivity rating the circuit boards continue to work as normal and the temperature of the processor and integrated components are reduced by the cooling quality of the oil.

Although this idea may seem a little extreme, and as yet I have not implemented this idea due to the complex setup of the equipment, the future for computer cooling is definitely going to be liquid.

So when the time comes to make the move or you just fancy experimenting with this idea, why not speak to our fantastic team and ask for a quote on one of the many incredible oils we supply.

Richard Hodgson, Group Systems Manager

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