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Health & Safety Focus Fortnight

Health & Safety Focus Fortnight.

On the 25th July we commenced our Health & Safety Focus Fortnight here at The Kerfoot Group. The aim of this is to educate, remind and refresh our employees on Health & Safety in and around the work place. We have various different types of work spaces, from offices, to loading yards and factory spaces all of which could contain potential hazards. It is essential that all our employees know how to conduct themselves across all of these types of work spaces no matter what their day to day working environment is.

This has been our first week, and WOW! What a great time we have had. We have dressed up, played spot the difference and staged an evacuation………’s all going on here! Although we had fun, all these activities have a serious meaning behind them.

On the first day we did an exercise around PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We looked at the different types of PPE required for different tasks that are carried out and the significance of each individual piece. This was especially useful for the individuals who do not usually work in those environments to appreciate what their colleagues need to wear to perform their roles and what they might need to wear when they visit those areas.

The second focus day we were looking at managing risks. We highlighted, through the use of recreated scenes, the potential risks that are in each of our working locations. For example, in an office environment there could be trailing cables that if they are not stored correctly could create a tripping hazard, as could badly stacked pallets or bags of polystyrene packaging in our factories. In the wash bay hoses should be coiled away and brushes and squeegees stored correctly. This was very useful because it highlights the importance of following procedures carefully and being aware of your surroundings to protect yourself and others.

Our final focus day for this week was a full emergency evacuation across all our sites. It’s important that we practice this so everyone is aware of what to do if we ever need to do this for real. By observing how our people respond in this situation we can give feedback and ensure that if they need any additional training it can be provided to make sure we’re all as prepared as we can be.

I’m pleased to say that overall this went well and the feedback so far on the whole week has been very positive. Watch this space for an update on what we get up to in the second week of our Health & Safety Focus Fortnight!

Sarah Stokes
Group HR Manager

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