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Keeping it natural!

The promotion of vanity is an ongoing theme on our TV screens, tabloids and advertising boards.  In the past decade the importance of maintaining ones skin has shifted up the priority list of the average shopper.  Despite there being a decline in the overall retail segment this year figures have proved the health and beauty sector to be one of the most resilient during this economic downturn.  Undoubtedly the larger brands within the industry have had to make significant discounts in order to remain more competitive on the shelves due to the consumer going the extra mile to receive more for their money. This has caused rifts within the industry and urged many formulators to focus more on the quality of their ingredients and providing more of a ‘function’ to their product.

This shift in focus has certainly increased curiosity amongst formulators to hunt down more unique, functional, ‘natural’ ingredients for their latest concoction!

Most will relate natural seed oils to food, whether it for a recipe, a sprinkle on a salad or a frying ingredient.  Our initial focus was on supplying both refined and unrefined seed oils to the food and pharmaceutical industry.  However due to an increasing interest in naturally produced ingredients the Kerfoot Speciality Oils division was born, separate to the other two divisions.  Whether it be  almond, avocado, grapeseed, cocoa, plum, strawberry or cucumber we aim to source and press seeds and oils with a function for cosmetic application.  Many of these ingredients are from the most fastidious parts of the world however it is these places we search for such functional ingredients.

There is a common theme/ function within the oils in which we press and source and that is their high content of vitamins, oleic/ linoleic acid and Omega content; all of which provide a variety of benefits to the body both internally and externally.  Cold pressed raspberry seed oil is one of many fruit oils offered that is rich in vitamins and fatty acid properties; both of which aid in protecting and repairing skills cells.  Such an ingredient example is very much the foundation of Anita Roddick’s (founder of the Body Shop) business – her philosophy was ‘natural ingredients/ natural benefits’.  She repeatedly reminded consumers that most cosmetic products would not perform like they promised due to their unnatural formulation.

Not only are we finding that formulators are coherently discovering the natural benefits of cold pressed oils as an ingredient but also that these unique ingredients are undeniably proving a strong marketing foot hole when it comes to promoting and pushing the end product to market.

The personal care market is indeed growing fast, however at the same time saturated with a variety of different brands making an array of claims in order to stand out.  Our recognition of the markets need for constant marketing and ‘a story’ behind the product has led us to re-address our product range and the way in which we manufacture at our facilities in the Port of Goole.  We have reviewed our processes and implemented several ‘eco-friendly’ initiatives to build on the important story for their client base.

For further information on our functional food and cosmetic oils, seeds, butters and waxes, just get in touch!

Thomas D. J. Kerfoot

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