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Life in the Logistics division

Name: Denys Kay
Job Title: HGV driver/Senior driver
Length of service: Started 16 October 1997 (19 years this October)

1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences?
My role is driving a 44 ton truck delivering oil to our customers; I also induct new drivers and agency drivers. I also help and advise the logistics team when necessary.

2. If you were an oil, which one would you be and why?
I would be Extra Virgin olive oil, it’s versatile, plus I love the smell of it.

3. Tell us 1 interesting or surprising fact about yourself?
A fact not everyone knows about me is, I’m a qualified ladies and gents hairdresser.

4. If you could work in one of the other divisions for a day, which one would it be and why?
Over years I’ve visited most departments within the group.

5. Your most favourite part of your role?
My favourite part of my role is delivering to different food producers, and finding out what they make.

6. Finally, what does The Kerfoot Group mean to you?
The Kerfoot Group has given me stability (financial and personal)

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