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Life in the Treasury department

Name: Lisa McCorrie
Job Title: Accounts Clerk
Length of service: 2 years 3 months
1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences
Assisting the accounts receivable function, credit checking customer accounts and releasing of orders, chasing payments, processing and resolving customer invoice queries and being the main support for our non-conformance data base.

2. If you were an oil, which one would you be and why?
Organic lavender oil, natural, relaxing, stress relieving, aromatic and therapeutic.

3. Tell us 1 interesting or surprising fact about yourself?
I am scared of heights, however in August 2015 I managed to overcome my fear and ride a zip wire in a dual flight with my daughter Zoe, in the Orobie National Park in the Italian mountains near Lake Como. At the highest point the zip wire is 400mts high; there are 2 flights which in total are 2.5km long. A totally unforgettable and amazing experience.

4. If you could work in one of the other divisions for a day, which one would it be and why?
Purchasing as I might have the opportunity to visit some of our fabulous oil suppliers that are located all over the world!

5. Your most favourite part of your role?
I love the diversity of the role, the cross business involvement and helping people. Every day is a different day; you never know how each day will evolve.

6. Finally, what does The Kerfoot Group mean to you?
Incredible oils with Incredible people.

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