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Goodbye to an old friend

Replacing anything is always a bitter sweet experience, wouldn’t you agree?

The Kerfoot Group Logistics team are saddened to finally say goodbye to ‘Zulu’. Our oldest vehicle has unfortunately reached its best before date after many thousands of miles service. From arriving at our doors in 2005 up to the present day, our trusted ZWU has served us well over the years and even those instances that frustrated us don’t seem too bad now…thanks to those rose coloured glasses. We know our old friend will be taken on a new journey so we wave ZWU goodbye, wish good luck and thank you for your service.

BUT as 2014 has arrived so has a new generation of trucks to the Kerfoot group. 3 BRAND NEW Mercedes Actros 2545LS are parked up at our factory…. ready and raring to go and bringing a welcome addition to our ever expanding fleet. INCREDIBLE wouldn’t you say.

So as much as this is a sad time, it is also an exciting time for our drivers who are looking forward to taking our 3 new trucks out for a spin. We hope you spot our INCREDIBLE vehicles across the UK. Remember to send in your photos for our blog!

Hazel Smart, Logistics Coordinator

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