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Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2015 – Simon Corner

Favourite Christmas song?
Have to be a toss-up between Slade and the Pogues, but “Fairy-tale of New York” wins as it’s mandatory to have a drink in your hand whilst belting it out!

Who would your Father Christmas be?
Liam Gallagher, probably discuss religion, politics and world peace for all of 30 seconds and then get the party started. I’d probably have half a chance at trivial pursuits as well – I would hope!

Most embarrassing Christmas moment?

What is on your Christmas List?
A full time babysitter, the Mrs may argue I already have one.

Mince pies or Christmas cake?
Neither, Christmas pud with custard (waste of good brandy putting it on a pudding).

Worst Christmas present you’ve ever had?
An electric toothbrush when I thought I was opening King of the Transformers – Optimus Prime. I haven’t brushed my teeth since!

Something people wouldn’t expect of you at Christmas time?
I’m doing the dinner for the family & In-Laws.

Father Christmas or Rudolf?
Rudolf, he does all the graft and only gets a carrot, the big fella just sits there and gets a mince pie and tot of whiskey, first class travel in my book.

First kiss under the mistletoe with who?
Not a clue and if I did I wouldn’t be saying it here that’s for sure…!

Favourite oil?
Rapeseed, sunflower and soybean – they determine whether or not St Nic stops at our house on Christmas Eve.

What do you dream of at Christmas time?
A full fridge, a dusting of snow and 3 points on Boxing Day.

Which word or phrase do you most overuse at Christmas?
Top me up.

Favourite Christmas Film
Santa Claus the Movie and I have the excuse to watch it with my kids now!

Your Christmas addiction?
Being a big Kid!

Favourite Kerfoot Group Christmas memory so far?
Watching David Kerfoot open a dog collar for secret Santa a few years ago, if looks could kill then we wouldn’t have a Trading Director!

Simon Corner – Commercial Manager KBO/KPO

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