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Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2015 – Steve Savage

Favourite Christmas song?
The Pogues Fairytale of New York

Who would your Father Christmas be?
There’s only one Father Christmas! Just in case he reads the Kerfoot Blog I don’t want him to think I don’t believe and take me off his list.

Most embarrassing Christmas moment?
When I was about ten my parents gave me a bright red racing bike. Christmas morning after about an hour in the shed my Mum came in to find I’d completely stripped the bike down to its raw components to see how it all worked. My ex-best friend Ben (there at the time) told everyone at school the telling off I got was the highlight of his Christmas.

What is on your Christmas List?
Steve Jobs’ biography and nice single malt whisky

Mince pies or Christmas cake?
I like both, but I love Christmas pudding with cream

Worst Christmas present you’ve ever had?
Can I say a present my 5 year old son received two years ago, Chelsea FC pyjamas? Being a life-long Liverpool supporter I wasn’t at all impressed.

Something people wouldn’t expect of you at Christmas time?
From mid-November I’ll be singing Christmas songs and Carroll’s at home and in the car almost constantly. A habit from my time as an apprentice where the older engineers always got right into the spirit.

Father Christmas or Rudolf?
Has to be the main man St Nick.

First kiss under the mistletoe with who?
My two little girls Mary (7) & Claudia (2).

Favourite oil?
Rapeseed always makes me think of playing in the bright yellow fields during summer holidays where I grew up in Norfolk.

What do you dream of at Christmas time?
Just to be with my family eating turkey, playing games and enjoying the odd ale (or two).

Which word or phrase do you most overuse at Christmas?
Probably just telling the Scrooges to “cheer up”, you’ve got to get into the spirit.

Favourite Christmas Film?
The Polar Express.

Your Christmas addiction?
Brussel Sprouts I love them (and not just at Christmas) but they have to be boiled until they go really soft.

Favourite Kerfoot Group Christmas memory so far?
This is my first Christmas with the Kerfoot Group so no memories yet. What I’m looking forward to is going home for Christmas having got to know everybody during November and December.

Picture – My old faithful Christmas hat at the top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany

Steve Savage – Group Operations Director

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