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Muppets in Paris

The SIAL exhibition in Paris is one of the annual highlights on the food industry calendar. As a regular visitor to the incredible event The Kerfoot Group saw this as the perfect opportunity to meet new clients, as well as consolidate its relationships with its existing customers and suppliers within the industry.

With this in mind, we decided to send representatives from all three divisions; Bulk Oils, Packed Oils and Speciality Oils. Representing Packed Oils was Jennifer Kerfoot, KPO Commercial Director and the future CEO of The Kerfoot Group. I, Josh Haughney, KSO Sales Executive and future Tough Guy Champion (keep an eye on future blogs for an update on this!) was there for Speciality Oils and finally, Simon Corner, KBO Manager and expert Tea Boy was representing Bulk Oils Division.

We could have had a better start to our first morning in Paris. After dragging Simon out of his bed and getting suited and booted, it was time for the 3 amigos to hit the exhibition… unfortunately, that involved an hour and a half metro ride, which had to be one of the most cramped and uncomfortable experience of my young life. Safe to say “sardines in a tin” came to mind!

Once we got to the exhibition, things definitely picked up. After meeting with some of The Kerfoot Group’s Packed and Bulk suppliers, it really did open my eyes as to how volatile the commodity markets is, as opposed to the Speciality Division where our base price is less volatile.

With day one over, it was time to hit the hay, so naturally I slipped on my Muppets PJ bottoms and did my bit to support the cosmetics industry by moisturising my face before bed… something that Simon and Jennifer (as well as the rest of the Kerfoot Group) found very amusing!

After another sardines in a tin journey day two at the exhibition was more about venturing out to meet new customers and secure more business on the continent. Many of the contacts we made will no doubt develop into new business.  A special mention must be made of all the food on the exhibition stands… wow… some of those guys could give my Mum a run for her money with the quality of their food!  (Don’t tell her that though!)  Then all too soon it was time to head to the airport for our flight home.

So there it is, a brief tale of The Kerfoot Group trip to SIAL in Paris.  I can guarantee one thing though that will not be brief ………… the Muppet and Moisturiser banter, that I can safely say, will follow me for the rest of my days at The Kerfoot Group!!

Joshua Haughney, KSO Sales Executive

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