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Oils for Autumn

The leaves are falling and the weather is turning cooler. We’re digging out the scarves and woolly hats, in fact every member of staff at the Kerfoot Group has been given a branded beanie to get them through the Winter and keep all heads warm at upcoming bonfires and fireworks displays. There are plenty of oils that will keep you feeling warm and cosy in the cold weather and to compliment the rich autumnal colours of golden leaves and crisp blue sky.

From our range of 500 speciality oils, essential oils such as ginger, juniper berry, black pepper and nutmeg diffused around a room can really give your home that cosy warming feel. They are strong though so try blending with a milder, sweeter oil such as orange, which will perfectly compliment these spicy heady fragrances. And as we get closer to the festive season (let’s face it, who’s not thinking about it already!) we have pine, clove, frankincense and myrrh. Unfortunately you can’t get oil out of gold to complete that famous trilogy, believe me if you could we’d have done it!

Why not try making your own interesting seasonal blends by choosing a woody scent such as cinnamon, cedarwood or geranium and mixing with a fruity oil, grapefruit, bergamot or mandarin perhaps, to add some zingy freshness. You can even add a herb oil such as sage, marjoram or bay, to really make it interesting!

And if the cooler weather has got your appetite going for some rich, hearty food, we have a whole host of infusions and flavours to really warm you up. Try adding chilli oil to give your soups and stews a kick and our smokey olive oil gives a great flavour boost to roasted vegetables. If you really want to get into the spirit of Halloween you could even try some pumpkin seed oil, which has a delightful nutty aroma! And whilst we’re on pumpkins, once the kids have finished with their Halloween pumpkin, peel it and chop up the flesh into chunks, place in a roasting tray, drizzle over Kerfoot cold-pressed rapeseed oil and season with salt and pepper. Tasty as it is or blitzed up with some vegetable stock to make a deliciously warming autumnal soup.  

Speak to a member of our sales team today for more information on our range of speciality and food oils, on 01609 766790. Wrap up, keep warm and enjoy the crisp golden days of autumn!

Nicola Lyons, HR Coordinator

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