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Our Trucks have the Aero factor!

Here at the Kerfoot Group the Logistics department are always looking for the latest innovations this is to help achieve our Environmental / Fleet Efficiency’s / Health & Safety objectives which are a priority at The Kerfoot Group.
Our latest innovation is a system called Airtabs which reduces aerodynamic drag over the vehicle resulting in a reduction in energy needed to maintain the required speed. Airtab works on standard Tractor Units, and in concert with air Deflector kits if fitted. Positioned down the rear edges and across the top of the cab or deflector, Airtab lifts and spins the air significantly bridging the gap between Tractor and Trailer. This reduces the turbulent air between the two so less drag is created.
There are a number of benefits Airtabs bring to The Kerfoot Group are INCREDIBLE which range from Environmental to Fleet Efficiency’s right up to Health & Safety; because of the reduction in aerodynamic drag The Kerfoot Group will see an improvement in fuel usage. And a reduction in CO2 omitted into the atmosphere from our HGV fleet due to an increase in fuel economy. An Airtab equipped vehicle offers an improvement in vehicle stability whilst driving in windy conditions.

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