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The 12 Smells of Christmas

If like me you enjoy hand making Christmas presents then why not try making your own soap, fragrance or massage oil to give to that special someone? If you’re a retailer looking to add that holiday vibe to your products but are a little stumped, fear not we are here to help. So go grab a cuppa and a biscuit (don’t worry we won’t tell), relax and enjoy.

Your sense of smell has a direct extension to the brain. Its direct contact means we get a very quick, very intensive reaction to odours. You can instantly be transported back to a time and place with just one whiff. I think everyone can remember their mum’s perfume from when they were little.

So why not be your own time machine and smell your way to the past! The Kerfoot Group Speciality Oils team offer a huge range of essential oils and other products, many of which are evocative of Yuletide. Try these 12 festive fragrances as a starting point, they are bound to wake up some fantastic memories of Christmases past:

  • Pine – who had a real Christmas tree growing up?
  • Ginger – baking gingerbread is a Christmas tradition in many households
  • Orange – in times gone by an orange would be placed in your stocking at the end of your bed
  • Clove bud and leaf – pure Christmas in a bottle
  • Cinnamon – mulled wine anyone?
  • Laurel – a traditional festive scent, often adorns Christmas wreaths
  • Cocoa butter – chocolate…need I say more!
  • Citronella – citrusy and refreshing to counteract all of that rich Christmas food
  • Frankincense and myrrh – well obviously!
  • Patchouli – smells like Christmas pot-pouri
  • Mandarin – mandarins and clementines are the essential fruit of the season

Now we have our 12 smells of Christmas, let’s be daring a mix them up to create our own Holiday Blend.

  • Cocoa butter and mandarin – chocolate orange? Don’t mind if I do!
  • Frankincense and myrrh – well if it was good enough for baby Jesus then it’s good enough for us
  • Cinnamon and orange – now this would be perfect in a soap
  • Ginger, cinnamon and clove – happiness in a bottle

You could go on and on trying different blends so experiment and enjoy! Or speak to our Flavours team for some festive suggestions.

And once you’ve selected the perfect Christmas scent blend, the fun really starts. Why not try adding some strawberry seeds to a green soap base and once set, tie with a tartan ribbon for a festive red and green coloured exfoliating soap. Find beautiful old bottles to hold your oil blend and go crazy with the wrapping, this makes a unique gift. You can also add our essential oils to wax to make candles. Imagine a lovely clove candle burning away, whilst you wrap your Christmas presents with some Dean Martin on and a glass of something you may regret come January 1st. Or have a go at making these cute teacup candles to give as presents.

The possibilities are endless once you start thinking a little bit creatively. Putting the time and effort into making a personal handmade gift which will be so gratefully received really is worth it AND they are really fun to make, so what’s stopping you!

Jade Doherty, Technical Administrator

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