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National Chip Week 17-21 February 2014

Regular readers of our blog will know what a food-loving lot we are, & as the UK’s leading independent supplier of vegetable oils, we could not let National Chip Week pass by without acknowledging it! As well as sharing our own favourite chip recipes (& the endless list of accompaniments…be it steak, fish, ketchup, mayo, eggs or something completely different), we’re also nominating our favourite fish & chip shops.

We’re a Yorkshire company & keep our roots at heart, so our chosen recipe to try out this week is Yorkshire lad James Martin’s twice-cooked chips & we’ll all be using Kerfoot sunflower or rapeseed oil to cook them in of course! We were also very pleased to see that the overall winner of the National Fish & Chip Awards 2014 is another Yorkshire company, Whitby-based Quayside. Next time any of us is on a run out to the seaside we’ll definitely be trying them out.

Us Brits love our fish & chips. In fact, £1 in every £100 spent on food in Britain is spent in a chip shop! But there are bad & good chips, so what makes the perfect chip? First start with the potatoes, you’ll need old potatoes & a variety that are low
in moisture so they don’t go soggy. According to the chip elite, the Maris Piper is the spud of choice for the perfect crisp-on-the-outside-mashed-potato-middle chip. Then you’ll need a really good quality cooking oil to fry your chips…& you’ve come to the right place to find it! The Kerfoot Group supplies high quality refined rapeseed & sunflower oils that are
perfect for frying chips & contain some heart healthy unsaturated fats to boot (just when you thought chips had a downside, they are in fact good for you!)

The final piece of the perfect chip puzzle is the cooking method…twice cooked, thrice cooked, baked, grilled or roasted…the best method for cooking chips is a highly contentious issue so we will leave that choice to you! There are dozens of methods out there & the best thing is that in finding out which is your favourite, you get to sample them all (well perhaps that’s not the best thing for your waistline but you’ll certainly have fun!)

So…diet doctors look away now as we are championing the Great British chip. Whilst it’s perhaps best they aren’t
enjoyed on a nightly basis, we truly believe that simple, well-cooked chips really are food for the soul.

Nicola Lyons, HR Coordinator

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