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The end of my first month. Steve Savage Group Operations Director.

At the end of my first month as part of the Kerfoot team it seems like a good time to post my first Blog and let you all know what I’ve been using my time doing. I’ve been immediately struck by the passion people have for our oil products, the dedication and pride in making sure we always put our customers first and the attitude of people to work as one team and go the extra mile.

I’ve been using much of my time so far to meet and begin to get to know my new teams at the three Goole Sites and Olive House. The Operations, Logistics, Technical and Production teams have all taken time to explain to me what they do and show me around our facilities and processes. While I still have much to learn I’m encouraged by how settled I already feel and how much I’ve picked up in such a short time, something much aided by the help and guidance of John Thompson who’s been generously passing on to me his years of knowledge and company experience.

It’s also been good to see Nick Rice who started the same day as me settle quickly into his new role as Group Logistics Manager. I know from frequent chats with Nick he too is enjoying his first few weeks with the Kerfoot Group and is looking forward to learning more, and with his team focussing on improvement ideas to build on the good work people are already doing.

I’ve already had the chance to take part in some Continuous Improvement work on the shop floor. Mandy Best Ops Manager KPO, Mark Preval Ops Manager KSO & KVO and I spent a morning with the team at James Street on the Small Pack line mapping and measuring the current process and creating ideas and opportunities for improvement ahead of the line being relocated to New Potter Grange. Again the enthusiasm and input from the team operating the line was excellent, we all learned a lot and came up with some real opportunities for improvement.

Excitingly I’ve already been involved in many discussions within our Kerfoot team and with Avril, Saipol and Lesieur colleagues about future plans to grow and make our business even more successful. This is an area I’m keen to play a key part in as I work to pick up the mantle from John and alongside my new colleagues on the Board continue his good work in the years to come.

TOP PICTURE. Left to Right Mark Preval, Steve Savage Mandy Best. Mapping the current process on the Small Pack line identifying opportunities for improvement as part of the line move to New Potter Grange.
BOTTOM PICTURE. Nick Rice Group Logistics Manager

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