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The low down on oil

Did you know that we have over 500 oils? 500! It’s incredible! The mind boggles with this amount.  Before coming to work at the Kerfoot group, I could name about 5. Pitiful, I know, but using rapeseed in my cooking, neroli on my face and mixing almond with an essential oil was really my max.

But did you know that you can get cucumber seed oil, strawberry seed oil and even watermelon seed oil? The bottom line is, if it has a seed we probably have the oil.

What are all these oils used for I hear you say. Well…you can do a lot with our oils, from cooking to making soap.  We even supply wax, so bring out your 13 year old self and get crafty making candles (wicks not included!)

We carry everything from the ordinary to the exotic. You want to know the basics of oil, well here’s the low down:

  • The higher the alpha linolenic acid is the more Omega 3 there is.
  • Essential oils are not really oils. They do not contain the fatty acids that constitute what we would consider is an actual oil. Crazy huh?!
  • You should never apply essential oils direct to the skin, they must always be in a carry oil such as almond.
  • Lavender takes 100 pounds of plant material to produce one pound of essential oil – that’s a lot of plant!
  • You can use essential oils to help your mood. So start sniffing folks.
  • We can create blends, yes people, those white coats are hard at work. Think chilli infused sunflower, basil infused sunflower or even a berry blend. You think it, we might just have it.


What’s your favourite oil? Mine is Coconut as this little baby can be used in umpteen different ways – skin, hair, cooking and even as an SPF4. Who would have thought the coconut (which isn’t even a nut) that Tom Hanks in Cast Away started to loathe, had so many uses? If only he had read this blog post! So remember if you’re ever ship wrecked find a coconut, then at least you will have fabulous hair and skin.

By Jade Doherty , Technical Administrator

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