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All I Want For Christmas Is…?!

During the month of December we thought we would share some of our favourite Christmas stories.  Here is our third one for the month – Dawn Whitehouse, Group Logistics Manager based at Kerfoot HQ, The Olive House, in Northallerton.

What do you love about Christmas?  “Spending time with friends and family, and giving presents, I love to see the look on their faces!”

What is the worst Christmas present you’ve ever had?  “I have always been pretty lucky with my presents (so far) but I think the worst was when I was given what should have been a set of bath bombs and soaps but they had melted into a mush – it all had to go straight into the bin!”

Which is your favourite Christmas song?  “Really cheesy but it’s got to be Mariah Carey…All I Want For Christmas!!”

What is your most embarrassing Christmas moment?  This was probably in my early years at The Kerfoot Group, going out for drinks on Christmas Eve and staying out way longer than intended with the hardcore drinkers and feeling very sorry for myself on Christmas day!  Don’t think my Mum was too impressed!”

What is on your Christmas list this year?  A new set of GHD’s, clothes and lots of surprises!”

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas at The Kerfoot Group?  Logistics winning the annual Christmas Quiz (we usually come last!!)”

What is your favourite Christmas image?  It has to be the John Lewis Snowman, I love that advert!”

Dawn Whitehouse, Group Logistics Manager

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