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Eye spy with my little eye…

…an incredible truck!

So as well as being uber-busy with our new website we have also very recently launched an upgraded fleet of vehicles incorporating our new motherbrand.  Across both our HGV curtain-sided vehicles and our bulk road tankers, the It’s Incredible theme is now on the roads across the UK and continent.

I like to keep a check on the Logistics division great pride and joy so I am constantly asking the commercial teams when they are out and about to message me when they see them with their thoughts and feedback!

But they are going to be biased so I would much prefer to hear from you!  Spot Our Truck is a campaign I am going to run on this blog.  Email us on if you spot us, telling us where and if you think it looks incredible.  Write something that will make us chuckle, include your contact details and there could be some incredibly oil in it for you.  And don’t forget a photograph of my truck, ensuring they are clean and shiny is my prerogative!

We have close to 250 tyres on the roads, our tankers and trailers could not be more obvious!

The truck in front is incredible!

John Thompson, Group Operations Director

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