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Logistics Coordinator swaps office for truck

There is usually only one 4am in my day however on Friday 10th August I discovered there were two as it was my turn to experience a day in a Kerfoot truck.  The route planned was six deliveries of KPO and KSO oil throughout the South Yorkshire area.  Armed with sandwiches and a flask of tea my driver for the day was Dave Hodgson and at 6:30am we departed our Goole James Street factory and headed on our way.

Despite working in Logistics for a few years now I had never been in a truck before so it felt really unusual to be so high.  We had a great view of the traffic ahead which made visibility of the road much better and gave us a lovely view of the countryside too!  As we made our deliveries it made me realise there is definitely a skill to truck driving.  Manoeuvring a 50ft truck through the narrow streets was at times very difficult and I must say… Dave definitely made it look easy!

Half way through our day, and it was time for some lunch.  The 4am start was taking its toll and I was much happier after my chicken sandwich.  Yum!  The afternoon flew by and we’d had a great day.  No delays – we had run on time all day.  That’s Kerfoot Logistics for you!

Before I knew it we were heading back to base and feeling sad that the day was over.  It was an incredible experience to visit some of our customers and see a different side to the Kerfoot Logistics Division.  Maybe next time I’ll try a day in our Kerfoot tanker delivering the bulk oil.

So would I like to swap the office for a truck…?!  I think you’d all miss me too much so I’ll stick to the office for now.

Scott Mills, Group Logistics Coordinator

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