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New mode of transport for Logistics

I just had to tell the world this story from my holiday in Olu Deniz in Turkey – the one time when I wasn’t worrying about moving our vegetable oils around the world!

After a 40 minute heated bus ride in 58°C heat I found myself 6000 feet above Olu Deniz town!  My tandem flight partner got me ready for take off, helmet on, backpack on then attaching the paraglide to the back of him it was time to go (after checking the paraglide was not tangled… at which point I thought to myself what am I doing…..?!).  We then had to be held down by two men to ensure our paraglide would not take us backwards/vertically upwards…. gulp!  His advice for take off was to walk a couple of steps then sprint and jump when you get to the edge of the mountain (only 5 metres away from where we were taking off)!  It was then ready for take off – the 2 men let go of us and I literally took one step and up we went.

I think you can tell from the photo how high this was.  It takes around 45 minutes to descend dependent on whether of not you want to do some tricks (I did a couple so the descent took 30 minutes to reach the beach)!

I would recommend this to anyone, such an amazing experience…..!

Hazel Smart, Logistics Coordinator

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