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New Year Resolutions

It’s the New Year, the time of dewy eyed resolutions and fresh starts.  Due to the fact that I have been unable to see my feet due to my ever increasing waistline in 2013 I thought it might be time for a lifestyle change??? Having toiled with numerous ideas; a self-imposed January drinking ban – ridiculous, a 10km cross country slog – too much effort & even more ridiculous, or dust the football boots off for a final comeback –but the Mrs won’t allow that either, too much fun apparently!  Having sat scratching my head and searching for something decent to watch on the telly on New Year’s Eve, it suddenly struck me… CHEAT!

Now I can’t afford to go private for a gastric band and a tummy tuck would involve major excavation work, so I challenged our in house NPD guru to formulate a tonic that would assist in my dream for 2014!  He didn’t pull any punches, this was a brief that may push him to his limits, but he too wasn’t shy of a challenge in the New Year either…So, the plan for the weekend is to hit the pub this evening and consume the normal gallon of the landlords finest, return home with a take-away curry under my arm to appease the wife and then all I have to do is ensure that tomorrow morning’s full English is bathed in Kerfoot’s Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil.  Apparently with its high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (93%), it’s great for “good” cholesterol production, the high omega content is great for helping metabolise those guilty pleasures and the handful of antioxidants won’t cause any offence either…What can go wrong???

Perhaps a fairground mirror may be a better investment?!!?

Trading Teaboy (Simon Corner, Commercial Manager)

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