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Wear it Pink

We have a particular attachment to Cancer charities at The Kerfoot Group, because one or two of us has been affected in some way or another over the years. So, 26 October was our Wear it Pink Day!! From pink shoes, to ties, shirts, scarves (and other items we couldn’t see but were assured were being worn!) we all did our bit to Pink it up.

We had a game of guess the Pink Superhero, Douglas won with his guess of ‘Pink Storm’, he received half the game money and the other half went into our charity pot.  Added to that was a £2 contribution for the dress down day and there were pink wrist bands available as well.

As chief event organizer for this fantastic charity, I took a long, hard look at what I could contribute personally to the fund raising; would it be a death defying, bone jarring, muscle sapping task such as wing walking, skydiving or swimming the channel. Eventually I decided I would “bake a cake”, now that might not sound that death defying but I’m conscious that I’m no Delia this was going to be quite an undertaking. I wanted to achieve two aims; encourage generosity and
make sure everyone got some really special cake, after all, us Yorkshire Types need to feel we’re getting value for money too!

So I started my research on the Internet for fantastic cake designs and after three hours research I was in danger of getting my ability and ambition mixed up! I ignored all the warnings about trying to run before I could walk I picked the most difficult design thinking “hey, I’ll give it a go”.

I set about sourcing the numerous ingredients and tools required, whilst this aspect may have appeared reasonably easy, it wasn’t! Living in a bustling metropolis like Northallerton I thought everything would be easy to find, NOT! Panicking a bit now as their isn’t much evidence of a cake and the date was fast approaching. I made a mad dash, identifying icing in various colours, including skin tone, white and of course, the incredibly important pink.  Followed by acquiring smoothing
knives, boards and numerous other bits and bobs including tins of a suitable size and shape. Our Systems Manager, Richard would say that I might not have got this aspect quite right but he would like to meet the lady who modelled for
them! Finally I was ready to go.

You can see the final results, I won’t be giving up my day job of Receptionist at The Kerfoot Group, and I think Delia is quite safe, but I’m really proud of the results and it certainly put a smile on everybody’s face. Nicola, our HR Coordinator surprised us with the safer option of cupcakes, which went down equally as well.

With the help of everyone at Olive House we raised an incredible £135.05 and had some fun and cake along the way. Thank you all for your generosity, and I’m looking forward to the next cake challenge!

Mary Robson, Group Receptionist

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