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“When the boat comes in…”

Ever wondered where we at The Kerfoot Group get most of our oil from?

Well perhaps surprisingly, the bulk of our edible oils arrive by ship into our terminal in Goole, UK.

This slick operation begins with our Trading Division purchasing oils many months in advance, allowing our Logistics Division ample opportunity to arrange delivery of up to 2500MT of oil in one ship.

The Technical Division then plan around the ‘Laycan’, usually a four day window when the boat is expected to arrive in the dock. Timing is key as the Port is tidal and most of our ships require at least a 5m depth to sail into the Port of Goole, meaning they must sail both in and out on a high tide.

Once berthed the ship is boarded, after permission by the Captain, by both Kerfoot Technical staff and Cainco our preferred supplier for surveying and discharging services.

Samples are taken and immediately analysed to ensure conformity with the supplier’s certificate of analysis and to identify any other potential issues. Once passed the oil is discharged into our designated tank farm at the terminal from where it can be piped straight into our James Street factory for our packed oil customers or left in situ for direct despatch to our many bulk customers.

Usually we need to carry out a pre-wash in line with maritime regulations based upon environmental considerations. Again using approved suppliers who take washings from the ship, these are then processed so that we can make every use of the otherwise waste oil by turning it into useful dreg oil for applications in the engineering sector.

Not a drop spilt or wasted, and incredibly the whole process can take as little as 12 hours from berth to sail.

Chris Hudson

Group Quality Manager

Technical Division

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