Packed Oils Production Operative


Job Title Kerfoot Packed Oils (KPO) Production Operative
Job Function To produce packed oil orders & to meet schedules
Reports To Production Supervisor
Location KPO Factory James Street, Goole
Date June 2018


1. Filling IBC’s in accordance with production requirements & procedures to prescribed quantities
2. Set up & reset filling machines as necessary
3. Set up and calibrate weighing scales as necessary
4. Issuing Oils & Packaging from Tropos
5. Loading & unloading vehicles inclusive of checking goods against delivery/collection notes & signing off as appropriate
6. Cleaning multi-trip packaging to accepted company standards
7. Completing all necessary paperwork accurately ensuring labels, records etc., are completed, signed & passed on as required and to a high standard
8. Factory cleaning (daily and weekly schedule)
9. Comply with & maintain all that is required within industry standards & comply with duties under Health & Safety legislation
10. Other duties as directed by the Production Team Leader/Production Supervisor/Operations Manager


• Ensuring all packs comply with production requirements & accepted company quality standards, and that all defective packaging is marked up accordingly & the incident is brought to the Supervisor or Team Leaders attention
• Take prompt & effective action with respect to weight variations of filled packs
• Adhere to all working procedures and practices including immediately reporting any equipment malfunctions, spillages etc.
• Maintain smart clean appearance at all times, together with good personal hygiene standards
• Ensure the warehouse & all areas are kept in an orderly, tidy and safe manner following the clean as you go policy
• Ensure that the Health and Safety of self and others is not impaired through maintaining good housekeeping and working practices. ALL ACCIDENTS OF WHATEVER NATURE MUST BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY, LOGGED IN THE ACCIDENT REPORT BOOK AND REPORTED TO THE OPERATIONS MANAGER
• Maintain factory Quality Systems
• The Production Operative has access to customer information and therefore requires discretion when discussing matters of job or company interest


• Fork lift driving
• Use of steam cleaner, hand pallet truck, tanks, valves etc.
• Numeracy in basic arithmetic
• Handling spillages
• Basic computer skills