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Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2016 – Andrew Darbyshire

Name: Andrew Darbyshire
Job Title: KSO Sales Executive
Length of service: 3 Years

1. What’s on your Christmas List? Too much to list! A new cook book (I’ve become quite the chef in recent months, no more fish finger sandwiches!) Clothes, Aftershave, the usual stuff.

2. Worst Christmas present you have ever received? I’ve never received a bad present (family might be reading this!)

3. Something people wouldn’t expect of you at Christmas?

Life in KVO (Kerfoot Volume Oils) Commercial…..

Name: Paul Stoddart
Job Title: KVO Commercial Manager
Length of service: 8 Years

1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences
I’m responsible for the day-to-day commercial management of our branded oils division (KVO), senior level sales, setting & exceeding commercial targets, growth of the division, maximising profit & reducing costs; most importantly ensuring that we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations through quality and service.

The first ever Northallerton 10K

Sunday morning 29th May 2016 saw the first Northallerton 10K with all proceeds going to the Pendragon Community Trust. Specifically helping towards the development of a multi-sensory centre caring for people with a wide range of disabilities. A well worthy charity that we are all aware of here at The Kerfoot Group.
The event was the very first of its kind to take place in the town and proved to be a sell-out with 600 participants keen to be part of this memorable day.

Employee of the Year – Finalist

We’re thrilled to announce that Davie Walker, Development Technologist, has been shortlisted as a finalist for Employee of the Year at the Goole and Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards 2015! Davie’s selection as a nominee by the Management team was a unanimous decision and he has now been selected by the business awards committee as a finalist. He along with other colleagues will be attending the award ceremony on Friday 19 February so we will find out then if he’s the overall

New Year Health Kick Oils

Below are a few oils worth trying this year, they have some great health benefits so for everyone out there looking to better their diets why not give these oils a try.
• Avocado Oil is high in unsaturated fats and Vitamin E. These properties can help to protect your cardiovascular system.
• Coconut Oil is high in saturated fatty acids but surprising this oil is said to be good for weight loss. Studies into coconut oil and weight loss have indicated that it can help reduce

Walking In A Kerfoot Wonderland

Well, it’s that time of year again! It comes but once a year. The nights are drawing in; the high-street stores are full of busy shoppers and children everywhere are writing their wish lists to the jolly man in red.

2015 has been another successful year at The Kerfoot Group and as we edge closer to Christmas and the New Year, the company will be spreading plenty of festive joy to all our customers by launching our new ‘winter’ branded box which has been given a full festive

We are excited to announce the opening of Kerfoot Poland HQ

We are excited to announce the opening of Kerfoot Poland HQ.
The office is located at Warka – a pleasant city near Warsaw.
The town itself is situated on the hill, with the beautiful Pilica River flowing past, wrapped in the wild Stromecka Forest. Warka is known of its centuries-old brewing tradition (brand Warka), furthermore, is situated in the centre of the polish apple land.
Connected with Warka is the figure of famous Polish hero Stefan Czarniecki, who bravely

National Cupcake Day 18th September 2015

National Cupcake day is upon us again, Natasha and I had a ‘big bake off’ last night!
Here at The Kerfoot Group we do have a sweet tooth, yet we do also love our healthy fruity Fridays.
So, last night we baked a dozen cupcakes each, using the most important ingredient which is Kerfoot oil.
They turned out” incredibly” well, and I was eager to see Tasha’s results.
We both placed our cupcakes in the kitchen, and within the hour they had just about disappeared!

FOSFA Middle Managers Course

The Kerfoot Group are thrilled to announce that Joanne Deighton, Trader for the Kerfoot Bulk Oils division has received the FOSFA special merit award following her attendance at this year’s prestigious middle managers course, held at the Royal Holloway University, London. The course was well attended, with 36 other managers from around the globe and was a result of her essay submission ‘Greater volumes of trade (oilseed, oils and fats) are supplied in the international trade by

Summer Hair Repair

Summer can be a tough time for hair as the sun and sea can really dry it out as can repeated colouring. If you have thick or dry hair anyway it can make hair really unmanageable and so a couple of us in Speciality Oils decided to put the oils we sell to the test and make our own hair masks.
Natasha made this hair mask by heating some sheanut refined butter until it turned to liquid, adding Argan CPD and Sweet Almond BP73.
This mask was quiet thick so it was left in overnight to