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Spoilt for Choice this summer!

Like many people at this time of year I’m looking forward to lazy days on the beach enjoying the summer heat. With this in mind I decided that it was time to work on my ‘beach body’ with the use of some of the many incredible oils that the Kerfoot group supply.
After reading about the amazing properties of Acai Berry oil and Rose absolute oil in our very own ‘Spoilt for choice’ speciality oils newsletter, I decided that I definitely needed to try them out for myself.

Spoilt for Choice

Kerfoot Speciality Oils
Here at the Kerfoot Group we are always aiming to deliver the best possible service to our customers and with this in mind our incredible Speciality Oils Division has created a fabulous new and fresh looking newsletter which highlights some of the many speciality oils we are able to supply. See this month’s product of the month Cananga Oil.
You could “Try before you buy” ask for a sample to be sent out from our vast range of speciality oils, just

Tapas Time

Visiting the picturesque region of Andalucía for a review of our olive oil supply base provided not only an experience to learn about the technical processes and current markets but an opportunity for an insight into everyday life in Spain.
Approaching, along a winding country lane, a valley of pale stone buildings nestled between steep hillsides of olive groves and treacherous mountains in the distance topped with snow.
Strolling around the quaint traditional Spanish town,


Bumper cars, waltzers & a carousel… fish & chips & a hog roast (made with Kerfoot oil of course!)… surf simulator & bungee trampoline… candy floss & strawberries & cream…. bouncy castles & hay bailes… welcome to #kerfest!

Everyone at The Kerfoot Group brought their families along to Escrick Park last Saturday for an afternoon of family fun courtesy of our Chief Executive Jennifer.

The face painting tent, for all ages, had a queue

Kerfoot Factories vs. Kerfoot HQ

On any given Sunday…

Reporting from the goal mouth: Thomas Kerfoot (aka The Cat Jnr).
17th August 2014, Victoria Pleasure Ground, Goole.

It has been talked about for so long, finally the clash of Olive House (OH) vs. Goole Factories (GF) finally took place. The sun shone for this righteous occasion where the finest pen pushers of the north were to take on the muscle of Goole at the Victoria Pleasure Grounds, Goole.

Goole Factories 3 – Olive House 1


A Bit of a Star……………

David Kerfoot, Chairman of The Kerfoot Group, recently attended Hambleton District Councils inaugural Awards Ceremony which celebrated business achievements and exceptional contributions from people within the community. A number of people from the business community were presented with awards highlighting outstanding contributions to the local economy.

Unbeknownst to David, not only had he been nominated but was awarded the Hambleton Champion Award in recognition of the time and

Ships Ahoy!

On Wednesday 21st May, we were invited by Simonsen Chartering’s to their Annual Summer Get Together, held in Svenborg, Denmark. Simonsens are the owners of the vessels we charter to bring in thousands of tonnes of vegetable oil each month.

We had an incredible journey ahead of us starting at 6.30am in Northallerton where we had to catch a train across the Pennines to Manchester airport. We then had no time to mess around as it was through security and onto our next mode

Have you tried Kerfoot’s African Black Soap yet?

African Black Soap originates from West Africa, where it has been used for centuries by Ghanaians to help with skin issues. Indigenous techniques of creating African Black Soap have been passed down from generation to generation to keep the natural black soaps close to Mother Nature.

African Black Soap is a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E and iron. The soap is used all over the World, as it is said to help reduce acne, clear oily skin and blemishes, treat eczema and reduce body

Harrods selling ‘fake’ Olive Oil

Tut Tut! It looks like ‘Horrids’ have had their wrists slapped recently!  Apparently they have been caught out by the Italians
for selling ‘fake’ Tuscan extra virgin olive oil on their website.  Strict European protocol dictates that bottles of olive oil may only be labelled as Tuscan olive oil if the whole manufacturing process, including growing, pressing and bottling happens in the region.  In the case of Harrods’ olive oil – it appears that it may well have

Festive Flavours from The Kerfoot Group

Christmas is fast approaching, and warming Christmas foods will no doubt be on most people’s minds. It’s the time of year that we can all over indulge on our favourite foods, and we don’t have to worry about the consequences until January… well at least we can keep telling ourselves that! We particularly associate Christmas with the smells and tastes of Cinnamon and this happens to be one of the many flavoured oils that The Kerfoot Group offer.

Flavour of the