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The Kerfoot Group are great exhibitionists!

You would be excused for thinking that you are looking at a photograph of a very chic bar in the city – it’s actually a pic of The Kerfoot Group exhibition stand which was rolled out at the very busy In Cosmetics exhibition in Paris earlier this year, where a record number of visitors (nearly 10,000!) attended the 652 exhibitors ‘ stands.

It’s Incredible just how many oils we produce!

The HPCI Exhibition in Warsaw was busy and kept Josh and Maciej on their toes in

From Russia with Love

Greetings from the Speciality Sales Team, writing from Domodedovo Airport, Russia.

The Kerfoot Commercial teams have certainly been busy with recent exhibitions in Warsaw, Frankfurt, Moscow and not forgetting Coventry.

Our brief trip to the Russian capital was just long enough to further cement our relationships with current and potential customers, whilst constantly learning how to continue supplying this part of the world in the most efficient way. Logistics, language and

The Smelling Zone

The Kerfoot Group team thought they would get in touch with their senses and learn more about Kerfoot Speciality Oils. We converted one of the Chill-Out areas towards the back of the office at The Olive House into The Smelling Zone!

We displayed a collection of Essential Oils, Fragrances and other speciality products with a variety of odours and scents, for us all to look at and smell. The range of oils included some with very strong fragrances and others which were

The tale of the Black Soap in half a coconut

I have been referred to in the last week as the ‘rookie’ of the business and although I am not the latest addition to The Kerfoot Group team one of my colleagues still sees me as the ‘junior’. As I am just the wrong side of 29 I take this happily. With this ‘junior’ name you’d think that I get left with all the rubbish jobs but this one was not. Here is the tale of me and my bar of black soap in half a coconut…..

When Tom and Hannah recently returned from a Kerfoot

Dishing up High Speed WIFI

As the Group Systems Manager the one thing I am never short of in my working day are challenges about how best to maximise the use of the current Kerfoot Group IT equipment, & also find solutions to existing problems.

One recent challenge we faced was to find a more effective & efficient communication solution to our bulk loading terminal.  The Bulk terminal is located around 300Mtrs from our Packed Oils factory & uses a broadband connection to acquire its data.


Cucumber Oil – The Vegetable of Many Secrets!

Most people enjoy a couple of slices of cucumber to accompany tuna sandwiches or a fresh salad. But did you ever think you can use cucumbers for so much more? Not only is it consumed in the culinary side, but Cucumber Oil from The Kerfoot Group can be used in soaps, cleansing lotions & toning solutions. Prepare to be amazed by this surprising vegetable!

Not only is Cucumber Oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids, it’s bursting with linoleic acids & vitamins B1 & C too. These

The Kerfoot Speciality Oils Division footloose and fancy free en Paris!

The Kerfoot Speciality Sales Team were let loose in Paris this month to exhibit at In Cosmetics; the world’s leading personal care ingredients exhibition, which show cases the most diverse range of innovative cosmetics ingredients and technologies and offers crucial insights into future scientific advances, emerging trends and regulations.

It wasn’t just the hard working (sore footed) commercial team that were attracting visitors to the stand, but also the launch of our newly

Kerfoot’s Heated IBC’s

A perfect solution to temperature control for your precious oils!

Cold mornings are something we all hate, I’m sure you’ll agree?  Oil is no different when it feels the chill – becoming viscous & difficult to manage!

When oils are stored in cold environments the natural waxes present in the oil begin to join together resulting in a cloudy, viscous appearance. The oil will typically whiten but don’t panic… it does not indicate

50 Shades of Shea…..

Well that got your attention – The title was inspired by a recent slip of the tongue during a light hearted office chat on the Sales desk. We really do always have oils, waxes & butters on our mind…

Kerfoot Speciality Oils actually have 5 Grades of Shea available:

Refined Shea Butter

Organic Refined Shea Butter

Organic Unrefined Shea butter

Organic Shea Butter Nilotica

Shea Oil / Shea Olein

It also goes into our African Black Soap –