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Sleeping Rough for Charity

The Kerfoot Group has charitable giving at its core & one extremely important cause that we have supported is homelessness, particularly with young people. SASH (Safe & Sound Homes) is a charity that provides temporary accommodation for homeless young people in the homes of volunteers. Last year they provided 840 nights of accommodation across North Yorkshire & saw a 90% increase in demand for their services.

To raise funds & awareness, SASH organise regular Sleepouts,

Love Your Heart Week

The British Heart Foundation has chosen February as its focus month for all things related to heart health & whilst we’re a pretty healthy bunch here at The Kerfoot Group there is always room for improvement. So the People Division took the opportunity to highlight to all our employees some tips & advice that may help them make some small improvements in their life style that could have an incredible impact on their heart health. 

We chose the week of the Monday 11 February

Happy New Year China!

Sunday 10th February is the start of Chinese New Year…this year the 2 week celebrations welcome the Year of the Snake. Also known as “Spring Festival”, the New Year is marked by lavish family gatherings & an abundance of food, particularly meals that are said to bring good fortune. These feasts often feature platters of 5 meats or 5 vegetables known as the “5 blessings of the new year”, which symbolise peace, longevity, righteousness, wealth &

Olive Oil To The Rescue

A very new use for our beloved olive oil has been thought up by boffins working on the preservation of York Minster – coating its walls in olive oil!  The building, the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe, was built between 1220 and 1470 mainly of magnesium limestone. It is susceptible to pollutants like sulphur which seeps in the stonework through rainfall, then crystallises and forms cracks and even crevices.

Previously linseed oil had been used but now scientists are testing an

Catwalk Capers

Catwalk Capers is an annual charity event held to raise money on behalf of Yorkshire Cancer Research. Each year in Northallerton there is an incredible response from local companies and organisations who want to get involved with this really special night.

The criteria is simple – dress your team members with clothes purchased from charity shops for less than £25 per outfit.  Each team should have a theme and will be scored on originality and creativity.

So, we at TKG

Another bike ride – this time Abbey Road Tankers

We are very proud to be supporting to a really worthwhile charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, by sponsoring one of our hauliers, Abbey Logistics Group, who are doing a 5 country bike ride and hoping to raise £5000.  Yes, FIVE countries!

On Thursday 13th September a group of 6 people including their Managing Director and two drivers are setting off on a 500 mile bicycle journey from the Cargill factory in Krefeld, Germany.  The journey will take them across 5 countries

50 Shades of Oil

It’s the publishing sensation that has swept across the globe – and it has certainly been the talk of the kitchen here at Kerfoot HQ, The Olive House for a number of weeks.

What is vanilla?”….. “what is BDSM….. is it legal?”

Well quite frankly this male, middle-aged (but still sexy!) employee has had enough, especially given that trilogy is packed with ideas that seem to have been plagiarised directly from The Kerfoot

A (wet!) Jobs Fair

On Friday 6 July, a very wet morning, Michal Sydzisz, Group Operations Manager, and I attended a Jobs Fair at Goole High School organised by the Local Job Centre Plus.  We had thought the event might be affected by the heavy rain but many people had still made the effort to attend.  They were packed into the school hall and all of them wanted to visit our Kerfoot stand!

We were inundated with people wanting to know more about The Kerfoot Group, asking what our Company did and how

Yorkshire according to our Traders

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire…

The humble Yorkshire pudding has been at the heart of the incredible “God’s County” cuisine for as long as anyone here at Kerfoot HQ can remember.

Many beyond the boundaries of this fine county will tell you “you won’t get owt for nowt” from a Yorkshire man, but in an attempt to dispel myths and stereotypes here you go… the recipe for just how Granny used to make ‘em, packed with

I saw the Olympic Torch in Northallerton!

On Wednesday 20th June the Olympic torch visited Northallerton at 10am – people packed the streets to catch a glimpse of the torch on its route to the Olympic stadium.  I decided to witness this once in a life time event for myself, and what an exciting an uplifting experience it turned out to be.  I decided, as with the bulk of the Northallerton people, that I would try and see the torch at the start and end of its journey through the town, and so made my way to the starting point