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National Cupcake Day 18th September 2015

National Cupcake day is upon us again, Natasha and I had a ‘big bake off’ last night!
Here at The Kerfoot Group we do have a sweet tooth, yet we do also love our healthy fruity Fridays.
So, last night we baked a dozen cupcakes each, using the most important ingredient which is Kerfoot oil.
They turned out” incredibly” well, and I was eager to see Tasha’s results.
We both placed our cupcakes in the kitchen, and within the hour they had just about disappeared!

Apples, blackberries and cold pressed rapeseed oil = MUFFINS

On my drive home from work last night I was bursting with excitement for the evenings viewing of the only programme worth watching on the TV, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (TGBBO). Although I would love to appear on the programme I am quite happy tinkering away at home baking all sorts for my willing tasters, my husband and my father.

I had decided it was going to be a kitchen first and was