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UPDATE – 2 men, 1 small boat, 3,000 miles of rowing…

On Saturday 16th November Dan Howie and Will North left London to start their journey rowing across the Atlantic. With only 13 days left to go until departure day they are now in La Gomera preparing themselves and the boat for the epic challenge.

The Kerfoot Group are delighted to be sponsoring Will and Dan but also so proud that our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be drunk on a daily basis by the boys! The ultimate fuel

Cool Your Chips The Kerfoot Way!

As the Systems manager at the Kerfoot Group, I am always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to use the existing equipment that we have. And so when I read an article that combined vegetable oil and computing I was most intrigued.

“Computers? Oil? Crazy!” I hear you cry, well maybe not so….!

The background to this combination of Oil and computers stems from a challenge that has been faced for years with computers, heat dissipation. In order for modern computers to

Oils for Autumn

The leaves are falling and the weather is turning cooler. We’re digging out the scarves and woolly hats, in fact every member of staff at the Kerfoot Group has been given a branded beanie to get them through the Winter and keep all heads warm at upcoming bonfires and fireworks displays. There are plenty of oils that will keep you feeling warm and cosy in the cold weather and to compliment the rich autumnal colours of golden leaves and crisp blue sky.

From our range of 500 speciality

A helping hand from the Kerfoot Group to beat the cold and flu season

Now that’s its officially autumn…hello September 27th…the cold and flu season is fast approaching, and with no cure for the common cold happening any time soon we at the Kerfoot Group have some tips and tricks that may just help get you through it.

The Kerfoot Group supply a whole range of essential oils that have lots of cold and flu fighting properties. Sore throat? Instead of sucking on those sweets have you tried gargling Ginger or eucalyptus oil diluted in a cup

The low down on oil

Did you know that we have over 500 oils? 500! It’s incredible! The mind boggles with this amount.  Before coming to work at the Kerfoot group, I could name about 5. Pitiful, I know, but using rapeseed in my cooking, neroli on my face and mixing almond with an essential oil was really my max.

But did you know that you can get cucumber seed oil, strawberry seed oil and even watermelon seed oil? The bottom line is, if it has a seed we probably have the oil.

What are all these

Vegetarian Week

As suppliers of the best quality vegetable oils to customers across the food industry, here at The Kerfoot Group we are always interested in food related events. Last week (from 20th to 26th May 2013) was National Vegetarian Week & being Kerfoot’s only resident vegetarian I felt a duty to write a blog!

The Vegetarian Society organises National Vegetarian Week to promote the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Many vegetarians choose to give up meat through

It’s Incredible What Olive Oil Can Do!

Do you want to improve your health & live longer? Of course you do! Well here at The Kerfoot Group, we may just have found the answer…it’s only Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Who would have thought something that sits so smugly in the back of our cupboards could make us healthier & live longer?

A diet modified to include plenty of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been shown to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke & even dying from cardiovascular related conditions by a

British Pie Week

4th – 8th of March, it is British Pie Week, so being a bunch of foodies here at The Kerfoot Group, we thought we’d ask the team for their favourite pie recipes incorporating Kerfoot Oils in their fillings & pastries.

We had some fantastic suggestions, from cheese & onion to rhubarb, fish to meat & potato…but there was one recipe we HAD to write a blog about & that is our Chief Executive David Kerfoot’s very Yorkshire Shepherd’s Pie.

Happy New Year China!

Sunday 10th February is the start of Chinese New Year…this year the 2 week celebrations welcome the Year of the Snake. Also known as “Spring Festival”, the New Year is marked by lavish family gatherings & an abundance of food, particularly meals that are said to bring good fortune. These feasts often feature platters of 5 meats or 5 vegetables known as the “5 blessings of the new year”, which symbolise peace, longevity, righteousness, wealth &

When Life Gives You Lemons

I’ve always thought of lemon oil on either end of the spectrum.  It can either force you to screw up your face with bitterness, or the complete opposite when drizzled on a pancake.  I was really quite surprised with the amount of health benefits that lemon oil claims to have!

–>Suddenly find yourself with a nosebleed?  Lemon oil.
–>Coming down with a fever?  Lemon oil.
–>Feel yourself developing a throat infection?  Guess what… lemon