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The Kerfoot Group

The Kerfoot Group will once again be exhibiting at SCS Formulate at the Ricoh Arena Coventry from 11th – 12th November. Our Incredible Kerfoot Speciality team will be available on stand 121 to answer all of your questions on our extensive product range.

The Kerfoot Group are true oil specialists; we are a leading manufacturer and provider of natural ingredients to the global personal care and food market. Our incredible product range is made up of over 700 natural raw materials produced and delivered globally, ranging from; Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts, Bespoke Infusions, Butters, Waxes, Exfoliators, Seeds, Meal and Personal Care Bases.

This year The Kerfoot Group are taking their focus global. Our aim is to deliver the best raw materials available strait from source. Or key focuses and passion is on sustainable sourcing from both home and away. Our product origins range from the UK, Africa and South America to name a few.

UK home grown and produced: Our state of the art BRC A grade factory is jam-packed with new innovative raw materials. We are at the cutting edge of developing and producing niche products ranging from;

Cold Pressed Oils fresh off the press to you. Only the finest completely natural Cold Pressed Oils are made in our commercial pressing plant. Including our locally grown Flax and Camelina and our sustainably sourced Strawberry and Apricot.
Bespoke Botanical Extracts, Our NPD team are accomplished at creating and producing Extracts to meet your needs from the exotic Watermelon Extract to the calming Cucumber Extract it really is incredible how many extracts we can produce.
Bespoke Infusions our designated Extracts and Infusions room is bursting at the seams with bespoke formulations ready to give your personal care products that incredible finishing touch. Including the healing and therapeutic Calendula, Arnica and St Johns Wort all infused in a carrier oil of your choice.
Flavoured and Blended Oils developed by our designated NPD team to create a taste and smell sensation using only the finest oils. Including our newly introduced Spicy Chilly Oil and flavoursome Garlic Oil popular within the food industry.

Africa doing our bit for sustainability: The Kerfoot Group have joined forces with the coordinators of a Ghanaian Women’s Project who have developed an environmentally friendly, socially equal and sustainable model to supply varying grades of Shea Butter and other African products. This project allows thousands of Ghanaian women to find a global market for the thousands of tons of high-quality hand-crafted Shea Butter. This in turn helps in protecting some of the last remaining biodiversity rich areas of the West African savannah, e.g. the Shea parklands and the hippos of the Black Volta River. Our African sourced products range from the fruity Kalahari Melon Oil, Baobab Oil from the Monkey Bread Tree and the handmade African Black Soap to name a few.
South America working with local communities: We have recently launched a new range of products that originate from the Brazilian Amazon. The exciting products that we source are by definition sourced from the local communities. These materials are collected from the wild by local people who have knowledge of centuries-old techniques of collecting and extracting oils. Our sourcing is organised within FITOVIDA – a local NGO which seeks to establish a general principle of fair trade. In addition, FITOVIDA works to establish general education in the communities including helping to establish small scale local projects such soap making that can be used locally or sold on. Our extensive range of Amazonian products includes the Healing Andiroba Oil, Moisturising Murumuru Butter, Soothing Buruti Oil and hydrating Cupuacu Butter.

We offer over 700 different ground breaking natural raw materials with some fantastic origin stories. Why not pay us a visit at stand 121 to find out more about our range. For further information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact our team on we are always happy to help.
It’s incredible just how many different oils we produce.

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