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A Massive Leap in Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

The Kerfoot Group

The Kerfoot Group is proud of our ethical approach and corporate responsibility is integral to everything we do. Our policy of sustainability ensures that we minimise our environmental impact throughout our product lifecycle from sourcing through production to delivery. We are also (as anyone who read the blog about our Xmas dog photo competition will know) firm believers that animals are our friends and as such are staunchly against animal testing in any form.

We welcome the recent widening of the European ban on cosmetics testing on animals, which prevents any products with ingredients tested on animals being sold in the EU. This is effective whether the testing occurred within or outside Europe. The amendment was imposed from March 2013 and we are delighted that firms outside Europe are embracing the change and finding alternatives to animal testing, from testing on human subjects to using artificial skin or micro-organisms. There has been a huge boom in investment into alternatives to animal testing and we see this is as a hugely positive step in the right direction towards a cruelty-free cosmetic industry.

None of the Kerfoot Group’s speciality oils, butters, waxes, soap bases and other cosmetic ingredients have been tested on animals, and our supplier selection includes obtaining declarations that products have not been tested in this way. This is important to many of the companies we supply to, who have an ever-increasing conscience and must be seen by their customers to offer a fundamentally ethical product. Today’s consumers expect information about how the products they buy are produced, transported and sold. In a highly competitive market place, consumers have a vast choice and companies who can shout about supplying cruelty-free products can undoubtedly gain a competitive advantage. Knowing that they are purchasing an ethical product makes customers feel good and customers who feel good keep coming back.

Please get in touch with us today if you would like to enquire about our range of over 600 speciality products. We’ll be happy to provide more information on what is available and our ethical and sustainable policies. We can produce bespoke blends to suit your requirements; contact with your brief to find out what we can do.


Nicola Lyons

Group HR Coordinator

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