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2015 saw an exciting development in The Kerfoot Group History books with the progression and development of Project Van Gogh taking place in Goole, East Yorkshire.
With Sunflower oil demand rising, greater supply was needed and a £1.6million pound investment was made to further storage facilities available within Goole in order to meet those rising demands.
Fondly named Project Van Gogh due to the artist’s famous works involving sun flowers, the development has provided additional storage to the existing tanks already in place within phase 1 that already contain 1300MT rapeseed oil.
Through investment, Phase 2 was planned and developed with 12 brand new 300MT purpose built maximum capacity vegetable oil storage tanks being added to the Goole Terminal site.
Providing almost triple the amount previously available in phase 1, Phase 2 will allow for an additional 2160MT of rape seed oil and 1620MT of sunflower/ hi-oleic sunflower oil to be stored at our Goole Terminal at any one time.
Building work commenced at the site back in April and progress at the site has been none stop for the past 7 months, seeing the landscape and skyline dramatically change within the Goole site.
With eight piles per silos (base), within a compact area the development certainly provided challenges, however, through using local suppliers and tradesmen the site has progressed well within its timeframe, whilst remaining within budget.
Creating sustainable development is at the core of both The Kerfoot Group and Avril’s objectives.
Through The Kerfoot Group’s ability to work in partnership with their customers and provide unrivalled quality oils at competitive prices, and Avril’s mission in; creating sustainable value in the oilseeds sectors by contributing to better food and preservation of the planet.
With the experience and two longstanding companies and with half of Phase 2 tanks now in operation, and remaining tanks due for completion next week with just the pipework & tower installation outstanding. Customers are already benefiting from this exciting development, and are sure to see further improvements and rewards from such an exciting venture.
With Project Van Gogh, together the future of oil supply is not only bright, it’s golden!

Emma Coverdale
Group Operations Project Coordinator

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