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Back to Basics Success!

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At The Kerfoot Group they recognise that their people form the back bone of their success. The People Division touches all of the employees within the company; from the recruitment processes to offering advice about an employee’s maternity rights.

They need to be up to date on employment legislation and with that in mind their HR Coordinator, Nicola Lyons, attended a two day training course in April run by Muckle LLP. The two day course provides a QCF level 3 Qualification in Employment Law: Back to Basics.

Nicola said of the course;

“It was as intense as it was rewarding. In the 9 months that I’ve been at The Kerfoot Group I have learnt so much about the practicalities of HR & what it takes to create a successful People Division that adds value & I wanted to build on this practical experience in a formal setting. I benefit from a legal background having studied Law at University, but I was definitely in need of a refresher, particularly because employment law moves & changes extremely quickly.

The course covered everything from legal implications in recruitment of new staff & advertising a role, to writing contracts of employment & dealing with issues such as sickness & dismissals. The Kerfoot Group has very well established HR practices & a highly experienced team, & much of the course covered what we do as standard, however there were some surprises! The areas of Recruitment in relation to Equality & Diversity were especially interesting.

It goes without saying that it is essential to treat people fairly both as employees & potential job applicants; however, it is also vital to have an audit trail to prove that everybody is treated fairly & this can be documented in policies, training records & personnel files. It is particularly important during the recruitment process to have measurable criteria to assess applicants against, to avoid decisions being made through stereotypes & assumptions.

We plan to implement new recruitment procedures & utilising the knowledge I’ve gained, I will be reviewing all of our job specifications. This will involve discussions with the management team to identify the skills required for each role & carefully wording each job spec to ensure there are no potentially discriminatory requirements. We will also be looking into Equality & Diversity training for interviewers.”

The Kerfoot Group are very pleased and proud to announce that Nicola passed the course with flying colours, and her score of 41/42 was not only the highest in her group but the highest score Muckle have ever had!

Congratulations Nicola! With this knowledge the People Division will continue to be in a great position to provide the high level of support the Company and Employees expect.

The Kerfoot Group are also working on a number of other projects to support their employees; including issuing a new Employee Handbook which they believe is a great, user friendly tool that will be utilised by employees all across the business. 

Sarah Stokes, Group HR Manager

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