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Moringa Oil – Working with Local Communities

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30 July 2013, Hannah Bangura, KSO Commercial Manager

The first shipment of Moringa Oil has arrived at the Kerfoot Group’s Goole facilities from our new Community Project in Rwanda. We are very excited to be able to supply this fantastic product and work with the farmers in Rwanda to help provide a better life for local communities.

Rwanda is probably most well-known for a period of ethnic violence in 1994 – the Rwandan Genocide. Here at the Kerfoot Group we are working with supply partners who connect the hundreds of Rwandan small-holder farmers to markets around the world to support the sustainable Moringa Oil trade.


  • Over 90% of Rwandans engaged in subsistence agriculture
  • 2011 GDP of just $6.2 billion (0.04% of USA GDP)
  • Top 10% of the population consumes over 40% of income
  • Average day wage less than $1.50
  • Most densely populated African country


The income now being received from Moringa, which is produced from a tree that thrives in subtropical climes, has allowed Farmers and their families to pay for soap and clothing and to send their children to school. They are also using this revenue to plant more trees to increase the volumes produced and strengthen the sustainability of the industry.

Moringa is a versatile oil that is used as a moisturiser, hair care product and cooking oil. It is rich in vitamins including vitamin A, which claims to help build collagen fibres within the skin and vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties. Moringa oil is said to moisturise and smoothen skin, delay wrinkles, lighten the skin tone, and nourish and protect the skin from free radical damage. It also claims to help clear blackheads and spots, tighten pores and remove skin fatigue.

Contact Kerfoot Speciality Oils to find out more about Moringa Oil and the following products arriving soon:

  • Organic refined and unrefined Palm Oil – Empowering Ecuadorian Farmers
  • Organic Shea Nilotica – Supporting Ugandan communities
  • Kombo Butter – Due in next week from our Ghana Community Project

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