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The Bedale Bandit

The Kerfoot Group The Bedale Bandit with snow, 2010

A 540 metric tonne barge is the innovative approach The Kerfoot Group have taken to store additional edible oil at their Bulk Oils terminal in the Port of Goole, East Yorkshire.  The Bedale Bandit, named after the market town where the Company was founded, is now fundamental to the operational facility of the Group given the aggressive growth they have achieved over the previous few years.

This innovation however did not come easily.  The barge originates from Poland in the Gdansk shipyards before being brought to Liverpool to store edible oils on the Mersey River.  When The Kerfoot Group acquired the barge it had to be towed around the coast by a tug, quite an epic three-week journey, before reaching its’ new home on the Humber.  The Bedale Bandit then went through a major restoration project to ensure it met the BRC A-grade accreditation standards but unfortunately days before the champagne corks popped it was struck whilst moored by another ship.  The restoration project was reinstated, all damage repaired and eventually The Bedale Bandit became integral to the Group’s storage facilities.

Years on, The Bedale Bandit is somewhat infamous around the Port of Goole.  It is seen as a symbol of The Kerfoot Group and it’s incredible achievements so far.

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