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The Kerfoot Group Head Office – The Olive House

The Kerfoot Group

In 2010 the Board of Directors decided to relocate all their people to temporary office space to allow for a complete renovation of their HQ, The Olive House.  The designers and builders took over 10months to extend the offices and reinvigorate the style to demonstrate a more contemporary feel to their business, expressing their new branding and corporate image.

With an on-site gym facility and some very modern furnishings the environment most definitely reflects their fresh and dynamic approach to providing vegetable and specialist oils to the food and cosmetic industries.  Each of the meeting rooms are named after some of their favourite oils including The Olive Room, The Almond Room, The Coconut Room and The Lavender Room.

When the sun does shine in Yorkshire there is the added benefit of enjoying an outside patio off the raspberry themed kitchen; with a no food at desk policy it was important to the Board that The Kerfoot Group people really do take the time to relax during their day so they ensured their facilities were of the highest standard to allow for this.

The Kerfoot Group welcome many visitors to The Olive House daily, always ensuring that when someone from afar makes the effort to visit their country flag is flying high.  The Company is also proud to offer their facilities to local charities and communities for relevant meetings and gatherings, very willing to show-off their incredible image.

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