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The Spirit of Goole (TSOG) project was set up by Jack Milnes, three years ago, to get young people engaged and interested in engineering and aviation. The students were set the task to build a plane completely from scratch. The plane started its life in a classroom in Goole and the build was completed at Doncaster’s airport a few weeks ago. The project has taken over two and half years to complete and more that 50 young people have been involved in building the aircraft.

The build has been helped along by engineers, volunteers and sponsors enabling the costs of building the plane to be covered. The Kerfoot Group has made a fantastic donation of £500 to help the youngsters finish off the plane. It was put to use to buy the final parts needed to finish the aircraft.
Back in June, Steve Savage, Operations Director and Rob Morley, HGV Driver, visited the plane at Doncaster airport to hand over the cheque. Rob Said ‘It was a privilege to represent the company along with Steve Savage, in presenting a cheque for such a worthy cause. We did this under the shadow of the Vulcan in No.4 hanger at Robin Hood airport. This project will give many pupils skills beyond the normal school projects and I know from the time in I spent in the Air cadets and RAF the experience of flying is an exciting and exhilarating one. I wish them many happy landings and look forward to seeing The Spirit of Goole flying’
Jack Milnes, chairman of TSOG told local reporters ‘Without the support of companies like The Kerfoot group, projects like these wouldn’t be able to inspire young people from our area.
The Kerfoot Group was happy to help such a brilliant cause in one of our local areas. It gives young people experiences they may not normally get to have and also to learn skills they can use in their future careers.
On Wednesday 7th September 2016 the Spirit of Goole took to the sky.

The first flight was set to be an exciting but nervous event. It’s main aim to see if the plane takes off, flies and most importantly lands safely. The plane took off, lapped the local area a few times and successfully landed by test pilot Simon Johnson.

Over the coming weeks they aim to get some more flight hours in, many more landings and they will be fine tuning the plane as they go.

The maiden flight was met with camera crew from the BBC and The One Show, who captured the fantastic event.
It is so great to see a group of young people build something as complex as a plane, completely from scratch. As a sponsor, The Kerfoot Group, are extremely delighted to see such a momentous maiden flight, we cannot wait to hear more about ‘The Spirit of Goole’s’ adventures.

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