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The Kerfoot Group’s Speciality oils team has launched a brand new newsletter that will really get your mouth watering. The monthly “What’s Your Flavour” newsletter will put the spotlight on the incredible range of flavoured oils offered by the Kerfoot Group, and will feature an “oil of the month” chosen by one of the team. The exciting and inventive range of flavours is growing each day and the aim is to give you inspiration for your new product development. The team can create a flavour, blend or infusion to suit any purpose so why not challenge us!


Introducing the Flavour Team

NPD Team: Our resident New Product Development flavour experts have many years’ experience within the food industry. Not only do they know all about oils, they have in depth knowledge of flavours. The team creates many of our bespoke flavours and infusions in-house and can come up with any flavour to meet your brief.

Emily Hawksworth, KSO Sales Executive: Emily is your go-to person in the Flavour Team for all the information you need on our flavours range. Whether you would like some inspiration or to discuss ideas, or find out which oils work best with which flavours, Emily is on hand to create your perfect flavoured oil. Send Emily your requirements and she will work closely with the NPD team to achieve the correct flavour and price bracket to meet your needs.

The newsletter launched in October and the first oil featured is the fiery Chilli Infused Toasted Sesame Oil. This oil works perfectly as a marinade for poultry and compliments stir-fries perfectly adding that hint of spice alongside a lovely rich sesame seed flavour. If you are looking for flavoursome oil that will give your recipe a bit of a kick then this is the oil for you.  This blend can be tailored to be as mild or as spicy as you require.

The newsletter will be emailed each month to everyone on our mailing list and if you would like to receive it, please sign up on to receive our news. The monthly newsletter with all the latest on the flavours range and our Flavour of the Month will also be featured on the blog.

If you would like any further information on any of our range, or to discuss bespoke blends to match your brief please contact the Flavour Team on 01609766790 or

Nicola Lyons, HR Coordinator

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