Oil Inventory

Borage Oil

(Borago officinalis)


Background: The Borage herb originates from the Middle East and is now widely grown around the world. Our Borage Oil is cold pressed from the seed of the Borage plant, it has virtually no odour, but it is pleasant if smelt. Borage is easily distinguished by its hairy greyish-green leaves and pinky-blue star shaped flowers.
Benefits: Borage oil is an excellent source of GLA, and is said to be good for the elderly skin. It claims to help prevent dryness, premature aging and helps to makes the skin suppler. It has been used to prevent wrinkles, counteract unsightly stretch marks and to strengthen nails.
Recommended Applications: Borage oil is used in a variety of products such as face creams and masks, baby care lotions, soaps and shampoos and is also available in health foods and vitamins.

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