Oil Inventory

Jojoba Wax

(Simmondsia sinensis)

Background: Our Jojoba Wax is a light golden, slightly sweet smelling and extremely hard. The Jojoba seed grows naturally in desert regions. The liquid oil is extracted from the seed through mechanical pressing and hydrogenated to a hard wax consistency.

Properties/Benefits: It contains Myristic acid which acts as an anti inflammatory agent. It’s also good for oily, dry and mixed skin types. The has properties of moisture control and photo protection on the external surfaces of skin and hair.

Recommended Applications: This wax is used in a variety of products such as: – creams, lotion, soaps, lipstick, sun care products, nail hardener and foot care products.  It’s a good non – greasy lubricant and forms a matrix with other waxes to hold pigments and oils in lipsticks

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