Oil Inventory

Kombo Butter

(Pycnanthus angolensis)

The Kombo plant is found across many areas of West Africa, including Angola and Uganda. The Kerfoot Group’s Kombo butter comes from Ghana.
Kombo butter is dark in colour; however the nuts have a slightly aromatic scent.
There are many traditional uses for the Kombo plant, and these utilize the bark, roots, leaves and seeds.
The Ibos in Nigeria pound the bark of the Kombo plant to use as a mouthwash, and also as a remedy for toothache and appetite loss.
Infusions of the bark are used to prevent anaemia, headaches and scabies.
Not only does the Kombo plant have medicinal uses, the wax and oil of the seeds has been used for making candles, soap, fuel and lubricants.
Recommended Applications:
Kombo butter is used in a variety of products including lotions, balms, UV-protection products, skin care products, anti-inflammatory and arthritis creams.

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