Oil Inventory

Lemon Seed Oil Refined

(Citrus limon)

Background: The source of the lemon is unclear; however it is thought that the Lemon Tree is native to India, Northern Burma and China. Our Lemon Seed Oil is extracted from the fruits seeds then refined leaving it relatively odourless and colourless. However it does have a slight sharp, fresh smell, and is pale greenish-yellow in colour.
Benefits: Lemon Seed Oil claims to be beneficial to the circulatory system, as well as aiding with blood flow and reducing blood pressure. The Lemon Seed Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals allowing it to provide great moisture retention abilities. This makes it ideal for treating irritated skin and dry damaged hair. Lemon Seed Oil is a superb carrier oil for most cosmetic formulations.
Recommended Applications: Lemon Seed Oil is very versatile and is used in a variety of products including: burners and vaporizers, blended massage oils, lotions, creams and mouthwash.

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