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Monoi Oil

(Gardenia tahitensis)

Background: Monoi Oil is traditionally made by soaking Tahitian gardenia flower in pure Coconut Oil for 15 days. The oil is pale yellow in colour and has a strong sweet floral scent. The Tahitian gardenia flower grows through out the French Polynesia. It was used by the Maori tribe 2,000 years ago for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes.

Properties / Benefits: Monoi Oil is rich in active ingredients. It is a naturally concentrated emollient which penetrates the skin, re-hydrates the layers of the epidermis and shields skin against sun and wind. It is also very effective in re-hydrating dry damaged hair, and claims to speed up the tanning process.

Recommended application: This oil is used in a variety of cosmetic products such as: – moisturisers, Bath oil, Hair conditioner, after sun moisturiser, Tanning oil and Relaxation.

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