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Pistachio Nut Oil

(Pistacia vera)

Background: The Pistachio Tree originates from southern Europe and Asia. It is now grown in France, Turkey, Italy, Iran and the USA. Pistachio Oil is cold pressed from the pistachio nut; it is emerald green in colour and has an aromatic, assertive but subtly sweet scent and flavour.
Benefits: Pistachio Oil is used mainly in Middle Eastern dishes, as it has a powerful, sweet flavour which goes particularly well with green salads. It claims to form an important source of protein, fats and minerals to the people of Central, West and South Asian regions. The rich oil also contains a powerful dose of phytosterols that have been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed in the body.
Recommended Applications: Pistachio nut oil is used in a variety of products including culinary use, nutritional supplements, candles, massage therapy products and cosmetics.

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