Oil Inventory

Plum Kernal Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Prunus Domestica)

Background: Plum oil is undoubtedly one of our favourites. With its rich ‘marzipan’ like aroma, unlike other oils this CP oil penetrates the skin effectively leaving no greasy residue. Its marketability and functionality go hand in hand in providing food and cosmetic formulators with a very exciting ingredient.

Properties/Benefits: With its emollient and antioxidant properties; this oil provides suppleness and volume to lips and re-hydration and nourishment to dry skin and hair. Foodies can enjoy the almond/ marzipan flavour of the oil.

Recommended Application: Due to its aroma, it is commonly used as a massage oil, but we prefer it when applied in finished products such as Lip balms, hair conditioners and facial moisturisers (including after shave balms). Foodies; with its almond/ marzipan flavour, it is also a popular choice in marinades, deserts and vinaigrettes.

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