Ensuring our future

Sustainability is an integral part of The Kerfoot Group. Since 1980 we have founded our business on long-term maintenance and responsibility, across the environmental, social and economic dimensions, consistently ensuring our resources meet acceptable standards.

We cater for the ever increasing sustainability conscience of our client base, whether that be the sourcing of our oils, the production of our oils or the manner in which we deliver them.  But, in an environment where this is ever-evolving we work in partnership with our clients, ensuring we are meeting their sustainability needs or indeed making internal changes to allow for those synergies.

Corporate responsibility is our built-in mechanism where we monitor and ensure our active compliance within the spirit of law, ethical standards, and international regulations.  Risk management is particularly pertinent to our business, central to our corporate strategy and fundamental to our culture.  Through these actions we encourage a positive impact on the environment and our stakeholders.

We are committed to ensure that our operations do not impact the environment.  Every opportunity is taken to reduce our waste streams; the re-use of packaging, waste oil and water and the recycling of paper and cardboard are standard working practices in our operational sites.