Packed Oil

Packed Oils

Perfectly packaged in our BRC-grade facilities, KPO provides the highest quality oils, delivered directly to the factories of the UK’s largest manufacturers for the food, technical and animal-care industries. Find out more


Speciality Oil

Speciality Oils

From the rare to the exotic, we are proud to be a true innovator and producer of niche speciality oils and botanical extracts. KSO’s raw materials are sourced from both the UK and fastidious parts of the world and processed in our BRC accredited facility. Find out more


Bulk Oil

Bulk Oils

The heart of the Group, where it all began, KBO is proud to be established as the only independent trading house for vegetable oils in the UK. Trading in high volumes, taking delivery by ships into our BRC accredited dock-side bulk terminal, KBO are able to deliver the best possible price for our customers, using our market knowledge and leading experience. Find out more


Branded Oil

Branded Oils

Our Branded and own label oils are used every day throughout the UK from cafe's, restaurants and takeaways, to the wide serving leisure industries, contract caterers, retailers and wholesalers. Produced in our brand new state-of-the-art, fully robotic KVO production site which is accredited to BRC's highest standard, we continue to grow our passion for supplying the best quality oils to our customers. Find out more


Food & Snacks

From 5 litre drums to bulk tanker loads we work with the largest food manufacturers to supply high quality, vegetable oils for use in everything from soup to snacks. From sustainable palm oil to high oleic sunflower oil and many more, we can source, package and deliver the right oil for your requirements. More.

Personal Care

Used in an array of health and beauty applications, we are proud to supply over 500 natural oils, botanical extracts, butters and waxes to the personal care industry in the required pack form. Manufactured in our own facility, our high quality oils are certified organic and offer a wide range of functional benefits - whatever the application. More.


We recognise the importance of ensuring our clients manufacturing needs are also supported which is why we also supply food-grade lubricants and oils for the technical processes. More.