Bulk Oils

It’s all about the volume

Since 1980, we have established ourselves as the UK’s leading independent oil trading house. KBO supply high volume vegetable oils to the UK and EU markets.

Our oils are sourced globally directly to our ship terminal at Goole docks in East Yorkshire. The bulk oil trading team is made up of experienced traders and our independence means that we are under no obligation to buy from any one source. We have a global reach to US, Asian and EU markets, constantly gathering and sharing market intelligence with our clients to deliver the most competitive prices.

We want you to be equipped with the highest calibre data to ensure you always make well-informed buying decisions allowing you to position yourself competitively. The agricultural commodity markets are inevitably driven by global weather conditions which have a major impact on the production and availability of the oils. Volatile price swings are to be expected but our KBO Traders pride themselves on monitoring and constantly communicating this to their client base via their daily newsletter, The Oily Rag.

KBO’s BRC-accredited infrastructure means we have the ability to store stock or the flexibility to move quickly and deliver multiple tankers a day if required.  Our dedicated logistics team will work to your needs, maintaining all integrity and quality.