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It’s another Incredible Truck Spot!

This picture was very kindly sent to us by Jane Tennant from Wetherby who spotted our truck on the M1 near Chesterfield on 24 January. It certainly looks Incredible and really stands out on the cold winters day!

The driver was Bill Farmery, who’s been driving for The Kerfoot Group for over 6 years now. He’d had a long drive back up from Bristol when he was spotted by Jane.

Thank you Jane and keep on truck spotting!

Another Kerfoot truck spotted!

Thank you to Natalie from Suffolk who contacted us yesterday with this photograph.  It was one of our KPO drivers, Steve Johnson, on a two-day delivery run, all parked up for the night.

I’ve spotted you!  I went for a walk in the sunshine last night & saw you parked up in my sleepy village, Kentford; we are about 10 miles from Bury St Edmunds so I wonder if you were or had been delivering oils there?  It was a such a lovely evening – your driver